Dr. DeFazio's Gentle Family Dentistry.
  • Gentle dental treatment
  • Professionally trained, caring and courteous staff
  • All treatment plans thouroughly explained
  • Special attention toward treatment of gum tissue
  • Finance plans available through American General
  • On-time appointments
  • Night time and Saturday appointments available
  • Most insurance plans accepted

What you should demand from your dentist.

He should listen to you.

When you first meet the doctor it's a good sign if you get to do most of the talking. After all, who knows you better than... you! Your needs and concerns are VERY important to us.

Gentle, comfortable care.

Nowadays, your dental care can be surprisingly comfortable. With Nitrous Oxide (gas), stereo headphones (to block sound), warmed anesthetic, tranquilizers, topical anesthetic, and more, you will be amazed at how easy dental care can be.

Reasonable, fair cost.

We know how valuable your time and money are to you. That's why our goal is "on-time" appointments, "interest free" financing, and, also, why your first visit is free!