5 Questions To Ask Every Dentist...
And The Right Answers!

You want high-quality dental care provided in a gentle manner.

You want a dentist that can eliminate your worries about discomfort, losing your teeth, and an unattarctive smile. You want to ask any dentist the following 5 questions. For comparison, here are the answers from Dr. Peter DeFazio of Gentle Family Dentisty, including the results of a survey of our patients by WJR, an independent consultant, in which our practice received the highest possible rating: "Exceptional."

1. Why should I become a patient of yours?

Quite simply, to keep your mouth healthy and attractive for the rest of your life. You get comprehensive dental care using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for crown and bridge, full and partial dentures, cosmetic dentistry, implants, root canals, gentle gum treatments, white fillings, and bleaching. You get a relaxed environment with personal attention and caring service. You get complete explanations of all your options. You don't get short cuts. If you've experienced the "assembly line" approach of a managed care program or franchised clinic, you will see -- and appreciate -- the difference immediately. You get answers to questions like "Is there a safer way to make my teeth look brighter?" and "Are there altenative to dentures?" In the independent survey, our Quality Of Dentistry and Patient Satisfaction ratings were both nearly perfect.

2. Can you promise me no pain?

Discomfort, if any, should be minimal. We use, when appropriate, the latest sedation techniques including nitrous oxide, stereo headphones, warmed anesthetic, tranquilizers, and topical anesthetic. In the patient survey, our Pain/Discomfort Control was described as "exceptional". In fact, some patients volunteered that one of our strengths is "pain free dentistry." We promise all work will be done with your comfort as a primary consideration using modern technology plus old-fashioned concern.

3. How do your fees compare to other dentists?

The expertise, equipment, education, and capital investment required to maintain a modern dental practice are substantial. That's why quality dental care is not inexpensive and why our fees are probably comparable to other dentists, although patients tell us we are more affordable than many. All expenses are fully disclosed to you before any dental work is performed. For your convenience, we offer a payment plan, interest free, for one year. We are pleased that our patients reported in the independent survey that they consider their dental expense to be a good investment in return for the "world class" care we provide... not to mention the "million dollar" smiles we restore or create.

4. How do your hours, policies and staff compare to other practices?

If there's anything better than the quality of our dentistry -- according to our patients -- it's our patient-friendly environment. Our patients are of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. To accomodate their needs, we offer expanded office hours -- including evenings and Saturdays -- as well as emergency care 24 hours per day. In the independent survey, our patients said we treat them liek family instead of an account number, and our office staff was rated significantly superior to that of the average dental office. That's why, if you tell us you are happy with your current dentist, we can reply with confidence, "You'll be even happier with us."

5. What do I do now?

To schedule your FREE new patient examination including all necessary X-rays and comprehensive consultation -- or simply to get specifics like which insurance plans we accept -- call our office. It's your teeth, your smile, and your opportunity to check us out, with no obligation.